Welcome to our web-site. Either if you are here by chance or you looked for our group, it's a pleasure for us to welcome you at J4Europe home. J4Europe is an international group of companies which was created in July 2008 upon the experience and the co-operation of its founding members: JSC from Taiwan, Euronord from Italy, Kentanna from Spain and Papagikas from Greece.

All our companies share the same business: production, development and trading of high quality aftermarket body panels under our brand name QTC® Quality Truck Components, moreover a long-term experience with aftermarket Truck Body Panels. Joining in J4Europe meant for us all building up a strong business relationship based on principles in which we firmly believe: excellence in quality, fast service and constant development of new components for the Truck aftermarket industry. Since the creation of our company our main focus has always been the full customers satisfaction through the service of a well—established network of branches and distributors.

Innovation has been also another important feature of our co—operation while producing our body panels with fully recyclable raw—material. We care about your truck, we know it is the source of your business therefore we will always keep our mission in mind: offer a broader and broader range of products at a fair price and as quick as possible.

That's why this web site is also an invitation for all truck body parts experts who shares the same mission to join us in our network.

We hope you will enjoy our web site, products and catalogues.